December 2018
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Articles - December 2018
Our authors provide insight into our rapidly evolving industry. 
 Please take the time to read their valuable articles.

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The Smart Building Method – A New Perspective on a Fragmented Industry - James McHale, Managing Director, Memoori

Facilities as Strategic Assets  Navigating the digital transformation of Building Products and Services - Dan Diehl, CEO, Aircuity, Paul O'Malley Associates, LLC, Lou Ronsivalli, Principal, GioVantage Strategies, LLC

Goodbye Work Orders.  Hello Real-Time Maintenance Analytics!  - Rick Rolston, CEO, BuiltSpace Technologies Corp.

The Anatomy of an Edge Controller  The reality is, none of these devices contain any parts that are truly proprietary or unavailable to the public. - Calvin Slater

The Edge of Change  The need to stay connected with other corporate communities - Leo SaLemi, Professor and Program Coordinator Building Automation, George Brown College

Setting the Stage  for the Smart Building Now - Steven Guzelimian, President, & Nicholas Heydon, Australasian Channel Manager, Optergy

The Built Environment in 2019  In 2019, we will be driven by what I refer to as the “4 D’s”:  digital transformation, data, dialogue, and disruption. - Marc Petock, Chief Communications Officer, Vice President, Marketing ,Lynxspring Inc.

Our Journey to the Edge  It’s not just about the technology - Monica Holbrook, System Architect, Climatec LLC

Cybersecurity and Facility IT  How should we look at cybersecurity risks in the age of Facility IT? - Anto Budiardjo, Facility IT Evangelist

Create Your Own Custom Sedona Components  The open nature of Sedona allows hardware manufacturers and software developers to create open controllers powered by Sedona and extend their functionality in the form of custom components. - Zach Netsov, Product Specialist, Contemporary Controls

Impact of Lighting Control Schemes   on occupant satisfaction and energy - Sara Gilani, Postdoctoral Fellow, William O'Brien, Associate Professor, Carleton University

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BAS Design Drawings
: A CAD-Intensive Design is Expensive! - Ira Goldschmidt, P.E., LEEDŽ AP, Goldschmidt Engineering Solutions

Mobile is the way to Go!  The moral of this article is that no matter the business, big or small, it needs to be where its customer base is looking for it to continue to grow. - Manny Mandrusiak CD. Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant, Vancouver Island Works Project

Edge-ifcation in the Era of Connection  Together we are starting an interesting, important discussion and – to one degree or another – participating in the necessary disruption that is driving that transformation. - Ken Sinclair,

Building Automation: Edge Computing Meets the Maker Movement  Our November offering speaks to and is a mash up of our digital transformation. - Ken Sinclair,

Changing Collaborative Connection Communities  We are all part of several connection communities, but reorganization our existing ones and the creating our new ones is now foremost on all our minds. -Ken Sinclair,

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