December 2021

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Smart Women Envisioning Smarter Buildings Panel at AHR Expo

How we can work as a community to attract more women to the Controls & Automation industry
Therese SullivanTherese Sullivan
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Tridium Inc.

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This panel will explore how we can work as a community to attract more women to the Controls & Automation industry to benefit from the documented boost in creative problem-solving and productivity that comes from project teams comprised of people with diverse backgrounds and points-of-view.

There is so much at stake when decisions are made about how a building should become smarter— not just about the comfort of a space and how much energy will be required to keep it comfortable, but also about privacy, physical security and cyber security.  It just makes sense that you want a diverse selection of people making decisions about how the contributing technology is evolving, particularly the automation and controls systems. Yet, if you just consider gender diversity, there is an obvious scarcity of women working in building automation and HVAC Controls. Why is this? And what can be done to attract and retain more women as part of the big paradigm shift toward data-driven, intelligent buildings?


We are planning a panel at AHR Expo 2022 in Las Vegas to discuss which will include Gina Elliott of BuildingsIoT, Kimberly Brown of Cochrane Supply, Erin Defrieze of Lynxspring, Melissa Boutwell of ASP International and Monica Calhoun of Tridium.  Learn more about each of them and about how we are approaching this topic in this AHR Expo preview video clip.

There will be a time in this session for making comparisons and exploring the status quo in our industry. But, more than that, let’s come together and plan a way forward.  As buildings become more high-tech, how can both the men and women of our industry take steps to champion more gender equality and advance more women into leadership and mentorship positions? You’ll enjoy our panel discussion and hearing from women of diverse ages and roles.


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