March 2008

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March 2008

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No! It’s not just a sensor!  Trevor Palmer, Viconics
The latest innovations from our engineering team have been the integration of a passive infrared motion detector directly into the cover of our VT7000 series thermostats.

The Use of Industrial Ethernet Requires Knowledge  Joe Stasiek, Contemporary Controls
Contemporary Controls’ Virtual Industrial Ethernet University (IEU) Offers Graduate Level Courses

February 2008

Building Operations get Sassy Toby Considine, New Daedalus
Ken Sinclair and I were recently talking about SaaS and how it affects the Automated Building world. We concluded that SaaS was not only going to be big in traditional applications such as Building Monitoring and Energy Management, but would open up whole new areas of building analytics and advanced services.

Diplomas from BACnet Interest Group Russia + the journal “Building Automation in Russia”  Andrey Golovin  & Ken Sinclair
Special diplomas were given at the AHR Expo in New York to Mr. Ken Sinclair, the Editor and Owner and to Mr. Jim Sinopoli as the most valuable author. Presentation was by  Andrey Golovin Executive Director of BIG-RU (BACnet Interest Group Russia) Editor in Chief of the “Building Automation in Russia”

B2G Summit New York  Jack Mc Gowan, Energy Control Inc.
Energy and Buildings had a wakeup call at AHR this year with the first Building to Grid B2G Summit.

Commercial Buildings Initiative Workshop - New York  Paul Ehrlich, PE, Building Intelligence Group LLC
What if commercial buildings didn’t use any energy? While this sounds like science fiction, it is the goal of a new effort called by the Commercial Buildings Initiative or CBI.

Building Intelligence Tour Jeff Seewald, Building Intelligence Group LLC
Illuminates Intelligent Sustainable Buildings at AHR Expo 2008

CABA Integrated and Intelligent Building Council Spreads its Wings Tom Lohner
The board of directors agreed to endorse the expansion of CABA 's Integrated and Intelligent building focus under the current direction and leadership of the IIBC. The IIBC will use the recommendations of the Intelligent Building Road Map as a basis to spawn new task forces dedicated to address the building construction industry needs relative to building technology and enterprise system integration.

Web Services Are-We-There-Yet? Toby Considine New Daedalus
We now have web services to almost any conceivable control system. We have BACnet-XML and BACREST. We have TAC Web Services. We have LON XML. We have oBIX. So...are we there yet?

OPC and DCOM: 5 things you need to know  Randy Kondor, B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, OPCTI
OPC technology relies on Microsoft's COM and DCOM to exchange data between automation hardware and software; however it can be frustrating for new users to configure DCOM properly. If you have ever been unable to establish an OPC connection or transfer OPC data successfully, the underlying issue is likely DCOM-related. This whitepaper discusses the steps necessary to get DCOM working properly and securely.

First Ever B2G Summit  Leighton Wolffe, NewEnergy Alliance
Increased Collaboration between Building Systems Industry and Grid Operators Marks First Ever B2G Summit



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