May 2007

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May 2007

DC to Chicago, the road to Buildings 2.0
Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO of Clasma Events Inc.
The Buildings 2.0 initiative promotes green initiatives and sustainable designs as well as the use of Information Technology to further the vision.

GridWise™ Architecture Council Framework for Interoperability
Steve Widergren, Administrator, GridWise Architecture Council
The framework is more abstract than an architecture or a design, and it certainly isn’t a solution you can implement. 

Ron Zimmer, President & CEO, CABA
Building Intelligence Quotient is an assessment and rating tool and a design guidance tool.

NECA-IBEW at BuilConn
Marty Riesberg, NJATC & Joe Salimando of
The NJATC is taking an active role in the upcoming BuilConn because there seems to be a general feeling in the building automation industry that there is a “lack of training” in the field.

Richards-Zeta (RZ) Partner's Realizing the Value of Normalized Building Systems Data 
Edmund B. Richards, President and CEO
, Richards-Zeta
This eliminates the need for multiple host workstations for each building system and most importantly now allows the leveraging of the IP network and all the application, services and client views that are available worldwide.

Smart Customers, Smart Buildings
Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Senior Director of Energy Technology Services, Constellation NewEnergy and Leighton Wolffe, Principal, Wolffe Technology Consultants
A smart customer with a smart building will know what prices may be at certain hours and what technology exists in his building to take advantage of this knowledge.

April 2007

GridWise Alliance
Steve Hauser, Executive Director GridWise Alliance and Vice President of Strategy for GridPoint
We believe, for example, that electrical “loads” (e.g., equipment and appliances) must actively participate in the day-to-day  and even minute-to-minute) operation of the electric grid in the future.

Formation of a perfect storm
Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO of Clasma Events Inc.
The world of convergence in 2007

Airbee Wireless
Raj Sundaresan – Director and CEO, Airbee Wireless
Airbee Wireless is a leading end-to-end provider of intelligent embedded software solutions for low-power RF mesh networking.

New LonTalk over IP router
Dr. Samuel Smith, President of Adept Systems
It's not just the least expensive but also the smallest (only uses 35 mm of Din rail) LON over IP router on the market.

ENFORMA® Building DiagnosticsSoftware
Vernon A. Smith, PE, Architectural Energy Corporation
Automated Performance Assessment for Central Plan HVAC Systems

Integration to legacy Facility Management Systems
Keith E. Gipson, CTO, Impact Facility Solutions
In most customer's portfolios of buildings, 70-90% of the systems are more than six years old (Y2K upgrade) with some up to fifteen years old...or more!

Buildy is Back in 2007
Frank Capuano, Strata Resource Inc
The Industry Award in a Time of Innovation and Convergence

Market Conditions Drive Grid Integration
Bruce McLeish, Senior Vice President of Products and Pricing, Constellation NewEnergy

Leighton Wolffe, Principal, Wolffe Technology Consultants
Constellation Energy has chosen to be a Platinum Sponsor at GridWeek in order to use this forum to help advance our customer choice agenda and the common goals of renewable energy, new energy technologies, and distributed resources.

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