March 2017

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Your Homework for April 9

Share your thoughts with the world on how IoT will help engage wellbeing, satisfaction, and productivity in Buildings.

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Control Solutions, Inc IoT day is an open invitation to the Internet of Things Community to participate in an event, host a hackathon, or just share a beer/coffee with a friend or fellow collaborator focused around the IoT and its implications. 

Anyone who follows understand our mission is to be the Catalysis / Harbinger of The IoT Future of Building Automation.

This mashup of and our mission provides you a platform to share you thoughts. Your home work is to respond to this post with your opinions and links to industry resources.

We will link all responses to our May issue be sure to tell us about your #iotday projects. We will monitor both twitter #ioday and #automatedbuildings and LinkedIn posts.

Preamble of what I am asking,

Satisfaction and Productivity of corporate assets, "their people," is an ongoing dynamic survey of human cognition's that is creating new performance metrics from the data from our buildings. We are all struggling to develop mushy measurement methods of cognitions of well-being, satisfaction, stress, innovation and contribution to corporate purpose. Of course, comfort both temperature and lighting need to be provided as basic services with expected energy efficiency.

Our five education sessions at AHRExpo this year in Vegas and the further discussions with industry thought leaders allowed us a better understanding of our mission to be the Catalysis / Harbinger of The IoT Future of Building Automation.

There is an information storm blowing, the constant IoT rain pouring from the cloud, the accumulating self-learning puddles on the edge and occasional showers from the traditional Building Automation industry.

It is a major concern that people assets in our buildings are not presently satisfied or as productive as they could be. To crack this nut, I believe we need to start with the process to get the cognitions of these assets. Neither Satisfaction or Productivity are easy to define and involve obtaining deep knowledge of each assets personal self-esteem, well-being, stress, innovation level and contribution to corporate purpose.

We have never before had a direct feedback path from occupancy assets, but we now have a start of a feedback loop weaved around social media, video analytics, and smartphones interactions.

Only a few adventurous folks have entered into this new frontier. Some of the problems of the complexity are how do we communicate in the language of satisfaction? We cannot connect these human assets to a wire and use a protocol like we do most of our sensed variables. Will we have these valuable people assets talk to with Alexa? or will they "hey Google" their wishes? will they text us? email us? cut us some slack? Yes, we will likely need to support all these methods as they reflect the individual's personality.

ICYMI this is the type of resource I am looking for as well as your input.

My editorials for the last year are below to help set the scene but we are open to any ideas on how to engage or devise a feedback metric of satisfaction with or without IoT.

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