Reviews - November 2001
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Product, Software and Web Site Reviews - November 2001

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Division 17800 is the Building Automation Industry.

A review with pointers to the proposed Division 17 "Technology and Communication Systems" or TACS.

I have heard about Division 17 for Building Automation since I was a young lad in the industry, and a few months ago I was introduced to the  web site, but recently I received this email from Steve Thomas Johnson Controls, Inc.

Five Free Show Sponsored Sessions on Building Automation

Not a review but a "Preview"

Here is the first look at this year's AHR Expo Free Educational Sessions on Automation.


Last month's most requested review

Review BAPI's Temperature & Humidity Sensor Handbook  The intent of the Handbook is to remind and educate busy building automation professionals of the importance of good sensing in the complete building automation loop


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