July 2019

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Operator Display Integrated Network  ODIN is a SAAS solution for accessing and operating an HVAC building automation system (site) using the local LAN BACnet protocol with an internet connection. - Erik Maseng, CEO, ODIN Building Automation Systems, LLC

Revolutionizing how “things” Communicate  We set out to build a fully-dedicated network for device connectivity that costs much less to operate, can travel long distances (and short) and consumes very little power, where most of our sensors can run on battery power for as long as 10 years! - Terrence DeFranco, CEO, President and Co-Founder, IOTA Communications

Acquiring 2020 vision through a Digital Twin  In order to reach a 2020 vision, you need an ecosystems approach and a focus on the benefits that you want from it.  - Nicolas Waern, CEO, Go-IoT

Transforming Workspaces  Yanzi's device management platform and associated sensor portfolio is helping transform workspaces by capturing critical data around occupancy, space utilization and wellness that can inform healthier indoor environments, more efficient energy policies, predictive maintenance and a top notch tenant experience.  - Jennifer Nye, Vice President of Business Development and Customer Success, Yanzi Networks

Make the Workplace Work Better  We help to create delightful workplace experiences for everyone, not just major corporations or even traditional “offices.” - Matt Harris, Head of Workplace Technology, Envoy

Re-calibrating since Attending 2019 Realcomm|IBcon  Eric and I thought it was the best conference yet -- because the focus of the 2019 Realcomm|IBcon Conference nailed every important trend that we are experiencing and tracking in our HVAC and BAS worlds. - Ken Smyers, Control Trends

Discuss Realcomm/IBcon  The exhibiting numbers shows us there is now a “critical mass” in smart building solutions that we did not have even 5 years ago. - Tom Shircliff and Rob Murchison, Intelligent Buildings, LLC

A Realcomm 2019 Retrospective  Several years on, how Realcomm/IBcon has evolved - Pook-Ping Yao and Monica McMahen, Optigo

Master Systems Integrators (MSI)  They make sure all systems communicate properly, coordinate all project participants, collaborate with building owners to ensure systems information will be accessible and usable, and they develop software layers responsible for integration, aggregation, and communication of the building systems. - Scott Cochrane and ControlNET Team Chris Bonzheim, General Manager; Marc Dreyer, Operations/Estimating Manager; and Jeff Tibbs, Account Representative

Neuro™, an IoT monitoring, analytics and control platform  Centralizes remote access to building operations - David Unger, Founder & CEO, Sentient Buildings

E2E (Edge-to-Enterprise)  These controllers enable users to manage and control closer to where the data actually is whether it be equipment, a single facility or a multi-site environment. - Marc Petock Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Lynxspring, Inc.

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