June 2010


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Our interview section allows busy industry leaders to quickly provide insight into rapidly evolving industry issues. If you have subject matter or industry issues you would like insight into or would like to be interviewed yourself contact us. sinclair@automatedbuildings.com

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June 2010

BrightCore Framework  Is middleware which sits between the building automation infrastructure and applications.  Nino Kurtalj, President, Elma Kurtalj Ltd

YoungEnergy & ConnectivityWeek  Ive been excited about demand response for a long time and this conference gave me a new sense for its direction and its eventual place in the fully integrated smart grid.  Dan Sullivan

YoungEnergy & ConnectivityWeek  Im always on the lookout for new technology, services and ideas that can help our clients save energy, and these were certainly all in abundance at ConnectivityWeek.  Brad White

YoungEnergy & ConnectivityWeek  We live in an ever connected world and I'd like to see us all part of one that's both equitable and sustainable.  Doris Tang

May 2010

FAQs for Smart Grid Interoperability  A two-way flow of information coupled with a two-way flow of power. Crisie Charan-Thomas, Marketing Manager, Strategy Institute

Zero Energy Main Streets and Cities  Can we live well and live sustainably?  Denis Du Bois, Energy Priorities Magazine and Dr. David Orr, Oberlin College Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics

Enterprise Energy Management  Our energy management software package, enables our clients to reduce their energy consumption, cost, and greenhouse gas emissions through accurate metering, monitoring, reporting, and analysis of energy consumption and the related costs. August Flanagan, Director of Online Marketing, eComponents Technology

Energy Management Solutions  View energy and resource consumption in real-time to modify the energy usage from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.  Gus Ezcurra, President, Advanced Telemetry

RCx and Ongoing Commissioning  Enabling Retro-Commissioning and Ongoing Commissioning for Legacy HVAC Systems  Harry Sim, CEO  Cypress Envirosystems

Using contextual data in a true Enterprise Energy Management system  "A true Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) system encompasses all areas of business operations that have direct and measurable impact on the energy budget."  Lisa Varga, Founder & President of Phoenix Energy Technologies

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