February 2010
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Articles - February 2010

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Control Solutions, Inc

Smart Grid and Buildings connected in Orlando  A key part of the future of B2G is how the BAS industry will develop over the next few years. - We were fortunate at the Summit to have representation from two of the major BAS companies (Siemens and Schneider) and a perspective from one of the industry’s leading thought leaders in John Petze.  Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO, Clasma Events Inc.

Raising Your Intelligent Building’s IQ  $195 billion – goes to powering buildings, about half of them on corporate campuses.  Mark A. Ascolese, EDSA

Building Automation Considerations  From Assessment to Integration  Andy Stadheim CEO, Barix Technology U.S.

Twenty Ten to be a BAD-ASS Year  At events like AHR Expo we get to test to see if the implied sameness of our content has legs or is becoming reality.  Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner, www.AutomatedBuildings.com 

Requiem for an American Industry  This article is meant as more a paean to the Automatic Temperature Controls industry than a eulogy.  Thomas Hallett

Our Clouded Future is Bright  Our clouded future includes new virtual connections to our buildings from the communities they are part of with both physical and social interactions. Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner, www.AutomatedBuildings.com 

Columns - February 2010

Retrofit Strategies  What can I do to make my building more efficient?  Steven R. Calabrese, Control Engineering Corp.

Predictions for 2010 from an OPC Perspective  One of the key benefits of using OPC technology is its ability to robustly move large amounts of data rapidly and securely to an interface that will turn it into the information needed to make key business decisions. Manny Mandrusiak, Vice President of OPC Marketing, OPC Foundation

Is Hospitality at the “Fringe” of the Intelligent Building Industry?  Hospitality-centric products appear to have been immune to the market pressure of open protocols, so we have solutions that do not enjoy the benefits of this advance nor can they readily integrate to the commercial controls. Paul Ehrlich & Ira Goldschmidt, Building Intelligence Group

The Cost(s) of BACnet  Perspectives on BACnet interface pricing  Andy McMillan, President and CEO, Teletrol Systems Inc.

Idle Thoughts on Smart Grids  Musings from the GridWise Architectural Council, Orlando, 2010  Toby Considine, T9

Articles - January 2010

Predictions for Smart Buildings in 2010  We can expect energy management systems to evolve for individuals or specific spaces or functions. Jim Sinopoli, PE, LEED AP, RCDD Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC

2009, The Year Smart Grid Came To Be  Smart Grid represents an important new business vehicle that BAS players can leverage utilizing existing skills and customer base.  Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO, Clasma Events Inc.

Energy Harvesting, Wireless and Next Generation Building Energy Management  Bottomless power generation comes from ambient sources such as linear motion, light and temperature differentials.  Robert Eckery, Marcom Manager, EnOcean, Inc.

Choosing a Submetering Solution  Finding What's Right for You  Part 3-3  Daryl Cowie, Business Development Manager, Wescon Technologies

Bundles Benefit Both  Bundles should be proactive and created based on the building’s function and the owner’s priorities. Jeff Bredeson

How efficient is your building’s resource use? Reviewing a building’s utility usage can improve accountability and help develop more efficient strategies.  Sarah Erdman, Marketing Director, QA Graphics

Canadian Insurance Giant Goes for the LEED “Gold”  Batteryless wireless technology contributes to LEED gold certification of the corporate headquarters of Canada‘s Promutuel insurance group.  Graham Martin, Chairman & CEO, EnOcean Alliance

Research Viewpoints CABA Facilitates Intelligent Building Technologies in Government Buildings  Rawlson O’Neil King,  Communications Director, CABA

The Sustainable Solutions Conference 
We're expecting! Help Engineered Systems deliver its first SSC this summer. Robert Beverly, Editor, Engineered Systems Magazine

Free Educational Sessions January - Orlando  "Building Automation and the Cloud"  Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner, www.AutomatedBuildings.com 

Columns - January 2010

Common Routines in DDC  The keys to optimization are within your reach Part 2 of 2  Steven R. Calabrese, Control Engineering Corp.

OPC UA Education hits the road  Learn the latest advances in OPC technology at a city near you. Manny Mandrusiak, Vice President of OPC Marketing, OPC Foundation

Holiday Letter  BACnet International year in review  Andy McMillan, President and CEO, Teletrol Systems Inc.

Smart Grids and Distributed Energy create opportunities for Diversity in Energy Storage There is no reason at all to limit our concepts of grid energy storage and buffers to electricity and batteries—and many opportunities open up if we do not. Toby Considine, T9

Reliable Controls
Past Favorites 

Jim Sinopoli, PE, LEED AP, RCDD Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC Predictions for Smart Buildings in 2010
Rawlson O’Neil King,  Communications Director, CABA  Research Viewpoints
Robert Eckery, Marcom Manager, EnOcean, Inc. Energy Harvesting, Wireless and Next Generation Building Energy Management 
Jim Sinopoli, PE, LEED AP, RCDD Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC How Buildings Will Communicate With The Smart Grid
Harry Sim, CEO, Cypress Envirosystems  Retrofitting Existing Commercial Buildings for the Smart Grid
Andrey A. Golovin, Executive Director of associations BIG-RU (BACnet Interest Group Russia) and KONNEX Russia, Editor in Chief of the magazine "Building Automation" What is "Smart City"? 
Gina Elliott, MBA Project Director, Smart Buildings LLC  Energy Reporting
Daryl Cowie, Business Development Manager, Wescon Technologies  The Business Case for Submetering - Part 1-3
Kevin Braley, Communications Specialist, Orion Energy Systems Ebb and Flow of Lighting Needs Require Flexible Controls
David Wolins, CEO Scientific Conservation The Emergence of Proactive Building Management Automation
Rick Huijbregts, Cisco Canada  The Real Value of Building Information, Integration and Transformation
Marc Petock, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications, Tridium, Inc. The Niagara Framework® and Energy
Sarah Erdman, Marketing Director, Quality Automation Graphics  Energy Dashboards Inform and Educate
David Wolins, CEO, Scientific Conservation, Inc. (SCI) Automated Continuous Commissioning
Jim Sinopoli, PE, LEED AP, RCDD Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC  Drilling for Dollars
Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner www.AutomatedBuildings.com  My Takeaways from ConnectivityWeek
Michael Bordenaro, BIM Education Co-op Cisco's Mediator
Alper Uzmezler, BAS Services & Graphics, LLC. Future of Building Automation with IP Version 6 & cloud networking
Robert Smith, PhD, California State University Professor Emeritus, and Michael Bordenaro, Co-founders, BIM Education Co-op  BIMSTORM® Processes Guide Smart Grid Planning
Bill Swan, Buildings Standards Initiatives Leader, Alerton LEED 2009 and Building Automation Systems 
George Thomas, President, Contemporary Controls Connecting BACnet Devices to an IP Infrastructure 
Patrick Winkelman, Vice President Sales Americas, Distech Controls, Inc. Sustainable Design of Building Automation Systems
Greg Barnes, VP of Business Development, co-founder & Paul Ogle, VP Marketing, Product Management, Activelogix, LLC  A Facility Dashboard for the Rest of Us
Jack Mc Gowan, CEM, President & CEO, Energy Control Inc.  The Smart Grid: Opportunities and Challenges
Jeanne Dietsch, MobileRobots Inc & Stuart Rich, PenBay Media, Enterprise Geographic Information Systems Robots in Every Building?
Rick Huijbregts, Cisco Canada Connected Real Estate



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