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Theme "Now Available for Automated Buildings" 

Our April 2000 update includes lots of new web site features.

Contractor Corner is a resource page developed just for the people that install and maintain Automated Buildings. This new space will allow a virtual community of Control Contractors to interact and get quick access to the rapidly changing Automation Industry. Please advise your contractors of this resource and suggest how we can make it better.

We have entered into a co-branding agreement with AEE Seminar and Books.  Check out this new service.

We welcome our four new sponsors Echelon, Coactive, Strategic Resource Solutions and ControlShop.  Please check out their sites as our sponsors allow us to bring this online magazine and resource to you free.

We are assembling an index with dynamic linking to all industry e-com sites to be part of our May issue. Please advise us of any electronic commerce sites you are aware of.

Our March site traffic has increased approximately 25% over February  Thanks for your help getting us known in the industry.

April's update has new links, press releases, new products and news briefs.  See the two new categories in the Link Library - Flow & Pressure Measurement, and Health & Safety - IAQ.

We were pleased to be part of the Building Automation Seminar that attracted more than 400 attendees throughout the course of the successful Dallas AHR Expo

Industry support of our March theme, plus the information and contacts gathered at the AHR show in Dallas has produced an extremely informative issue.  Check out the 15 Articles, New Products, and News/Press Releases to review what experts from our industry are saying is now available for Automated Buildings.

There is an excitement in the air which is "growing" our industry at a record rate. The number of automation companies are multiplying by dividing traditional companies and introducing many new players with new skill sets. Traditional companies are constantly reinventing themselves to stay competitive with the upstarts. Teams of new and old players are being assembled to provide never achieved before levels of automation integration. The new rules for our industry are the same as they are for the Internet, "There are no rules."  If we perceive we need rules and structure for a project our team will build them to suit. We will reshape our teams to provide the necessary winning solutions. It is the best of times for those promoting change. It is the worst of time for those trying to maintain traditional markets. Communication in a resource and therefore it is more important than ever to keep emails, articles, press releases, and new product information rolling into so that we can do our job of keeping you informed.  Ken Sinclair, Editor

Reliable Controls Training Schedule under the Resources Tab has evolved to a list of System Training Links that will help you and your new players get up to speed quickly.  We continuously update as new sources are discovered. If you know of on line training which should be added please send an email stating the URL.

A review of yet another acronym OSGi has been added to our Link Library resource Acronyms & Definitions. This section has been added to help you keep current with all the annoying acronyms that we must all learn to understand our future. Please send us more as you find them.

Have you tried our new feature the Site Search Engine?  Give it a try, it's fun and you will find lots of neat articles and links on our site. Looking for articles by Hartman?  Type in Hartman and hit start. Click on articles or reviews you want to view.  If you wish to search the actual matched document for a keyword use the Find Function on your browser, usually "Ctrl F".  Use our search feature to see if you are linked to us, and where.

For March there are new links in our Link Library and Software Library Check them out.

A special thanks to our new and ongoing advertisers. These companies make our web resource and Ezine possible so be sure to click on their banner/showcase ads under Products and become familiar with their services.  As with any good trade magazine the advertising is much of the total content and message conveyed. Please feedback your thoughts as well as the kind of information you would like to see in this internet resource. Help us get known to the world by telling a friend or colleague. 

As you can see we have been busy responding to your requests and look forward to continuing to shape into your Internet Automation Resource.

Our next issue of The Automator is May 1st, 2000, and it will include a review of our new "Control Contractors Corner" a virtual community previewing on our site in April. Our theme for the issue will be "Our Web Communities" however, as usual we are always looking for any good industry articles.  Please get your articles in early.  Send to

In our January/February issue we had lots of great articles - that were very close in total reads.  The top reads were:
HVAC Control: An Essay on Change - Tom Hartman
Implementing Open Control Systems: The Market Has Spoken -
Michael R. Tennefoss
Browsers, BACnet, and Building Control - Steve Tom
BacNet and LonTalk: Why We Need Them Both - Mark Hess
The Medium for the Millennium is Fiber for Building Automation - Brian D. Morrison

But Tom's Hartman's article was the actual winner by only by a few reads.

Previous Favorites is where we add the article most viewed in the previous issue.
- January/February's issue favorite was Tom Hartman's
HVAC Control: An Essay on Change 
- November/December's issue favorite was
Are Automated Buildings Converging or Colliding with the Internet?
- September/October's issue favorite was
Notifact Systems'
Combining Wireless Technology and Internet -- Seamlessly
- July/August's issue was Tom Hartman's great article prepared for our official launch.

contemporary We are also always upgrading our Events Calendar so take a look.

This is not just a spectator sport, please send your articles, new releases and new product information to us.  Click here to see article format.  If you are pushed for time send us an email and we will format your message to the industry and your clients.  Take a look at our When Automation Becomes Art an article which originally was an email.


Johnson Controls and Simplex Announce Alliance

45,000 HVACR Professionals Set Attendance Record at AHR Expo

LONMARK® Devices Come Together to Demonstrate Interoperable Building Controls at 2000 AHR EXPO unique users were up 60% for Jan/Feb; average readers session length was 15 minutes and a return of 2.2 times; overall article reads were the highest ever.

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