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wpe13.jpg (3916 bytes)October update has added a new feature a Site Search Engine.  We have assembled enough valuable information to made a dedicated search engine a necessity. Give it a try, it's fun and you will find lots of neat articles and links on our site. Looking for articles by Hartman?  Type in Hartman and hit start. Click on articles or reviews you want to view.  If you wish to search the actual matched document for a keyword use the Find Function on your browser, usually "Ctrl F".  Use our search feature to see if you are linked to us, and where.

A special thanks to our new and ongoing advertisers.  These companies make our web resource and Ezine possible so be sure to click on their banner/showcase ads under Products and become familiar with their services.  As with any good trade magazine the advertising is much of the total content and message conveyed.

For October there are new links in our Link Library and Software Library and several new News/Press Releases. Check them out.

Our July/August web site launch went well, thank you for your support and kind words. Our fall, September issue is now on line with lots of industry news, new products, reviews and articles. See details below. Our Link Library has been greatly expanded. We currently have 220 sites linked and the number is increasing daily.  We  believe this to be the greatest single assembly of Automated Buildings Stakeholders on the internet. Security/fire companies have been added as well as providers of installation accessories and others.  In our Software Library we currently have 23 sites linked, 4 new ones this month.  Please use these resources as they will allow you to get valuable industry information in a fraction of the time spent searching the complete net. We are considering adding a search engine just to search our site to speed up your access time to information. A special thanks to our advertisers Belimo Actuators, Reliable Controls, Reed Expo and those presently placing ads. Be sure to visit our sponsors sites as they make the resource possible.  Please feedback your thoughts as well as the kind of information you would like to see in this internet resource. Help us get known to the world by telling a friend or colleague if you find the resource useful, if not tell us.       

Our September 99 issue includes the latest News/Press Releases.  The new section added to Press Releases called New Products has been updated.  In this section we will try to keep you abreast of the rapidly evolving new product market.  Also as requested, we have set up a Want Ads Section on the Resource bar which for now includes Employment Opportunities and Dealers Wanted sections. Please use this new resource.  We are pleased that the industry is using us to communicate with the industry. In addition to the above changes we have reworked the Link Library adding new companies and several new sections; Actuators Dampers & Valves,  Input Output Devices Sensors & Relays, LonTalk& LonMark End Device Products, and Installation Manufacturing Products.  A new section Humidifiers has also been added as these devices are often supplied by the automation industry and are an integral part of good environmental control.  We have added an Industrial Control Companies section because of the convergence of our industries.  Much of the evolution occurring in the industrial sector is also occurring in automated buildings and in the future I will be adding sites that have interesting approaches to common problems.

Our link from the BACnet Web site has brought us lots of new readers and we continue to provide BACnet news with an article this month about BACnet Down Under. I asked Michael if there were any Y2K issues in the BACnet data exchange?   His response by email was:

"BACnet is Y2K compliant until 2155. The year field in all BACnet dates (a single byte) = (YEAR - 1900) and since a single unsigned byte can hold values from 0 to 255 we don't have a problem that will concern any of us..."

A special thanks to BACnet guru Michael Newman for helping us introduce and for providing a link from  ASHRAE's automation resource for the industry, the BACnet web site at

As you can see we have been busy responding to your requests and look forward to continuing to shape into your internet automation resource.

Our next issue of the Automator is November 1st and part of our theme will be how the web is changing our industry. Please get your articles in early to

Previous Favorites is a new feature that has been added. We add the article most viewed in previous issues. Our last issue's favorite was Tom Hartman's great article prepared just for our launch of's July issue. The article is Network Control: A New Paradigm For HVAC and deals with the leading edge thinking that we have come to expect from Tom. Our May/June favourite was Your Building Address as a .com?


We are also always upgrading our events calendar so take a look.

This is not just a spectator sport, please send your articles, new releases and new product information to us.  Click here to see article format.  If you are pushed for time send us an email and we will format your message to the industry and your clients.  Take a look at our When Automation becomes Art article which originally was an email.


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