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"Preparing for The Net Effect"

Prepared for the Net Effect? Here is an example Europe's leading research and consultancy company specialising in intelligent systems in buildings advises us that the 
North American Controls Market could double
The global interest and capabilities are amazing and if we are not in touch with our local markets, global interests are. 

"State-of-the-Art Capabilities in Building Automation" AHR Expo Atlanta Jan 2001 - Show Sponsored Sessions.   Explore the latest advances in "Intelligent Building Systems." See how far the automation of commercial and residential buildings has come - from today's trends to the outer limits of building automation and integration in these FREE 1/2 hour presentations. Presented By: Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings.com, David J. Branson, Compliance Services Group, Inc.

We welcome back Echelon as one of our sponsors and are pleased to help them invite our readers to their LONWORLD2000™ the world's largest annual forum focused on the technology and business of networking everyday devices like washing machines, stereos, light switches, energy meters, thermostats, HVAC systems, and more to the Internet. ORLANDO, FLORIDA, OCTOBER 18-19, 2000.  We also welcome the LonMark Interoperability Association as a new sponsor this month.

Note that we have had the BACnet Manufacturers Association (BMA) as a sponsor for several months and we are pleased to have our automation portal provide an independent arena for information exchange by designers, manufacturers and users of these and other protocols.

Setra Systems, Inc. a leading designer and manufacturer of weight, pressure, and acceleration sensing devices joins us as a new sponsor. The b2b ( business to business) significance of our site increases daily as automation sensor manufacturers find new markets with automation vendors and contractors.

Our September and October theme "Preparing for the Net Effect" is aimed at helping us all prepare and better understand how "The Net" will provide significant changes in both our work and home life.

Two new features have been added to our site in this issue - A Summary of New Industry Links to allow you to quickly view who is new and happening plus, A review of On Line Training and Information Resources. The on line training resource page is just the start of what I feel will grow to a useful part of our site providing access to training for the industry.

For October the new section Scheduled Industry Courses has been added.

I have been requested to be a Contributing Editor for the magazine Engineered Systems and my first article Building Automation: The Net Effect appeared in their August issue.  Engineered Systems has a new web presence  http://www.esmagazine.com/ that puts ES feature articles on line, one of their responses to "Preparing for the Net Effect." Their August issue is focused on Building Automation, Motors and Drives, Integrating Systems and Control and Sensors so may be of interest to you.

We have a busy fall planned and have been also requested to assist with a similar session to the one we did at the AHR Expo 2000 in Dallas for the AHR Expo 2001 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, January 29-31. In addition we have been asked to be part of Andover's Worldwide Representative Meeting 2000 at Marco Island, Florida. We welcome the opportunities to interact with the industry at events such as these. It helps us keep current and allows feedback on how to make AutomatedBuildings.com more useful. We also have travel to Australia and Hong Kong planned before December.

Being requested to be a Contributing Editor reminded me that we have several excellent contributing editors for 'The Automator" that I have failed to acknowledge. We have corrected this oversight by preparing them their very own web pages with linkage to all their articles, company web sites and email addresses to help you get to know them better.

Contributing Editors

Thomas Hartman  Tom has been a long time friend and contributing editor who has provided continued encouragement and wisdom for our site. 

Welcome John J "Jack" Mc Gowan, an industry icon in automation articles. Jack and I met more years ago than either of us will admit while doing AEE presentations in Atlanta.  We are pleased to welcome Jack aboard. Please read Jack's article for this issue DDC Networks:...is the question really: BACnet™ or LonWorks™? 

Leonard A. Damiano   Len an Indoor Air Quality expert, has been contributing great articles about IAQ  and ASHRAE 62-1999. This information has been well received by our readers as good building automation and indoor air quality becomes synonymous. Len has two great article in this month's issue The Advantage of Precise Ventilation Control for Schools & Providing "Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

As "The Automator's" editor  I get to contribute many articles and reviews so I get to be my own contributing editor. I will also be re-publishing the articles written monthly for Engineered Systems as their contributing editor. 

Be sure to check out this month's articles, new products and September's news releases. Last month a new section was added under our About button called Reader Profile which outlines who reads AutomatedBuildings.com. 

If you have been away the last few months by now you have probably noticed the changes in our web site look. These include new top menu artwork with "mouse overs" to improve understanding of the function of each button, plus a more interactive home page to quickly guide you to the sections of our portal that interest you the most. The rework was necessary to keep with the professional articles, and material sent to us by our contributors. The evolution to "Your Global Automation Portal" surprised us as it seems that several of our readers reached this conclusion before we did.  We have international articles and links so take a global look at our industry and what is happening in other parts of the world, as it may affect you more than you think.  

A special thanks to all those industry leaders that have shared our web address with their employees/associates and/or made us part of their web site as an active link. We are working  hard at being your industry portal and web resource and appreciate your support.

Please review our web resource Industry eCommerce Directory for the Automated Buildings Industry and I think you too will be amazed at the rapid growth and acceptance of the web as an eCommerce tool.  Navigation Tip  Some sites that we link to have chosen to do a redirect when you click on the back button.  This means you cannot get out of this site with your back button unless you double click quickly.  We find this most annoying as it defeats standard internet navigation.

The ability to create virtual space for special interest groups in our industry is one of the luxuries of the a web based magazine. Please feel free to email us at sinclair@AutomatedBuildings.com any ideas you have to make your global automation portal more useful.

Our November 2000 issue theme will be "Creating and Maintaining your Virtual Presence".  Please share your thoughts with our readership on this subject, but remember that AutomatedBuildings.com's purpose is to connect our readers with timely and new information on any automation subject, so share any of your articles, news, new products with us. 

Previous Favorites is where we add the article most viewed in the previous issues.
- July/August's issue favorite was Tom Hartman, The Hartman Company
The "COMFORT INDUSTRY" a 21st Century Opportunity
- May/June's issue favorite was
Earl Gray, Control Contractors, Inc
Achieving Control System Independence - Controls Computers and Standards

- March/April's issue favorite was
John Petze, Andover Controls Corporation
The Benefits of Ethernet to Building Automation 
- January/February's issue favorite was Tom Hartman's
HVAC Control: An Essay on Change 
- November/December's issue favorite was
Are Automated Buildings Converging or Colliding with the Internet?
- September/October's issue favorite was
Notifact Systems'
Combining Wireless Technology and Internet -- Seamlessly
- July/August's issue was Tom Hartman's great article prepared for our official launch.
Network Control: A New Paradigm For HVAC

Control Solutions, Inc We are also always upgrading our Events Calendar so take a look.

This is not just a spectator sport, please send your articles, new releases and new product information to us.  Click here to see article format.  


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News Releases (Sept 2000)

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